These meetings are informal and are based around a theme for the evening, there is a talk followed by a meditation exercise. Each meeting provides an opportunity for those who are interested in the Order, to meet members and ask questions about the Order and druidism. This still happens even when we have a specific course happening.

Held in South London on Thursday evenings.

Dates: 2019:

September 12th / 26th. October 10th / 24th.

November 7th / 21st. December 5th / 19th

7.30 pm - 10 pm  £5

At the present time we are discussing the relationship between our intentions and the results of our efforts in life, relative to a seed and the production of fruit. This will include the five elements with their attendant negative expressions, pride, jealousy, service and so on. The conditions that effect the outcome of our intentions.

This consists of 7 open meetings. we have already finished four,

but it is not necessary to be up to date as each meeting is independant and general questions about order can be still be asked.                    


23 Thornsett Road

London SE20 7XB

Nearest train station:

Norwood junction


Birkbeck (train & Tram)

Open Meetings