At Springtime everything is rising up with energy and enthusiasm. Vegetation, animals giving birth, and the beginning of the activities that will bring our plans to fruition.

If our past is completed it can be our support and if this past is not completed it will act as a hindrance. We need to be free to choose new seeds to plant for the future.

There are seeds in the soil, stars in the sky and memories in our heads, they are all activated by sunlight to rise up in the morning and unfold their potential. These seeds are affected by how we react to external circumstances. In between us and our world is our conscious awareness, supported or blocked by our memories of how we responded to our imagined past.

These reactions to what we think happened to us can be likened to that of a child that we are bringing up to become an adult. We are educating our conscious awareness to learn how our world works. These seeds of causes are a call out to the future to unfold that which is within us.

Our response to life is the only thing of any real value that we can change, we cannot change the past or the future except through our conscious awareness of what is generated from inside of ourselves. We cannot change other people. The life we have created is the result of our calling. It is the work of character building and learning how to change our response to life is from inside of ourselves. We give away our true standing when we fail to lift ourselves up beyond the habits that we have become accustomed to and blaming external circumstances for holding us back.

We can endeavour to start the year with a clean sheet or at the very least we may feel a need for some sort of action to happen. Every response to life is a call out to action in the cause of humanity and every action attracts towards it the life we have asked for.

Mother’s day is a part of the Spring Equinox. The life and abundance that we are given in continuity is universal motherly love. This love is given for free to assist in our growing up, not just materially but as an aid to learning more about who we are, where we really come from and where we are going to.

We may think we are calling out for peace, love, health and wealth, but is that really what we are seeking? Do we mean other people should behave in such a way as to not disturb or upset us? Do we think that we should be able to come and go wherever and whenever we choose, without any obstruction or hindrance? Do we think that the external world should conform to our wish or will?

External conditions can only be changed on a physical, thought and feeling level, and these three must be unified. Except that we in our material blindness think that we can create the illusion of change through the application of threats, fines, rewards, punishments and suppression. Or perhaps just moving the furniture around is easier.

The external world we have created is a reflection of who we are inside of ourselves, so whatever we want to have happen we have to produce it ourselves first. It never involves anyone else or anything else, only us and our relationship with our own world.

Universal Mother’s day celebrates the motherly love that is delivered by life as a perfect reflection of what we asked for. Hidden within it is the opportunity to learn about ourselves, the chance to grow our consciousness from its potential through to the birthing of a fruit capable of producing peace, harmony and health from inside of ourselves.

As with all seeds the end is in the beginning, the potential is unfolded from within to flower and fruit. It is an act of  violence and insanity to attempt  to isolate the end from the beginning and force the end to change.

We give thanks for the opportunity to unfold who we are. We give thanks for the teaching that comes through the many breasted mother, that will eventually lead us to the fruition of a united society for  everyone.

Spring Equinox Tower Hill London 2023