Series Q is a study in depth of the Sepher alphabet and its letter, word and sentence constructs, in an effort to restore it to its original meanings. Speech is creation's 'Torch of Genius', and we are studying the alphabet of the Sepher not as man-made tools of ambition, based upon man's defective nature and the instigation of his needs, but as living exponents of the living forces of the cosmos.  Man-made 'bricks' may serve to build a Tower of Babel, but the 'one language' through which  “ nothing can be restrained from them, which they imagine to do ”  was nature's living fruit, the Powerful Unique Builder ABN, that they refused. ABN in Hebrew is the same construct as the word Mabin in the Welsh story of the Mabinogion.  This is the Cosmic Temple's living construct material, and the letters we are studying, made of the same stuff, are the luminous building stones of that mighty edifice, the Sepher. These constructs can be seen and help to interpret meanings in many different languages.

Series Q: 75 sections

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