The Druid Prayer

Grant, O God, thy protection

And in protection


And in strength


And in understanding


And in knowledge

The knowledge of justice

And in the knowledge of justice

The love of it

And in the love of it

The love of all existences

And in the love of all existences

The love of God and all goodness

The Druid prayer uses the symbolism of the spinal column, a standing stone with 7 basic steps. It is related to the zodiacal belt, a spinal pathway through the sky, Jacobs Ladder in the Bible, a Beanstalk for Jack, the 7 days of the week, the musical scale, the periodic table and the 7 fold growth cycle of a plant beginning with the root and ending with a seed.

We begin the journey upwards from the base of the spinal column, from the sacral plexus to the Pineal gland in the head. It is the real Pilgrims way from deep in the earth and upwards towards the stars.

The spinal column is a fruit bearing stalk and the fruit on a mental level is conscious awareness.

The Druid prayer assists us in the act of remembering the pathway and the direction we are travelling. It is a reinforcement of who we are and the purpose we have been sent to achieve.

Grant, O God, thy protection

Protection and resistance create strength, the womb or present tense protects us until we are strong enough to survive, the whole protects the part.  The protection and resistance of darkness prepares

the Soul for the journey. The resistance of the soil or the past tense creates the strength needed to push outwards.

And in protection

Strength. Saturn, root

Out of protection comes strength.The strength of something begins with the root of it, the foundations. Strength grows out of truth and truth is the mental version of the word root. Growing out from the truth provides us with the strength to weather the storms and tribulations of life. The strength to live out from the present tense and attend to the tasks at hand, enabling us to plug into the power and strength for the journey. Trees which have weak foundations that are not built on the truth are prone to fall in trying times.

And in strength

Understanding. Jupiter, shoot

Strength creates Understanding. Nothing happens except through the use of the will to go out into the world and do something. Mental strength is forward looking and not dominated by the habits of the past. Weakness has a need to be in control. Strength creates the space for Understanding, it is about standing under something larger than ourselves, it is an act of humility and service towards our purpose. It is about listening, experiencing and responding to the need of that which we meet

and providing it. Understanding drives potency.

The sky is a space which enables the radiations of the Sun to reach the earth, it allows for circular expansion towards a destination. Fear causes us to shrink from the experience of something larger than ourselves, it is the opposite to expansion. Fear leads to stress as our feelings and thoughts feed each other to create more fear. Expansion leads to an experience of life through seeking for the present tense. Providing what is needed promotes the expansion of consciousness in ourselves

and those whom we meet.

And in Understanding

Knowledge. Mars, stem

Knowledge comes out of understanding, it comes out of the experience of seeing something in a new way. Knowledge comes out of listening and seeing from a higher place. The ability to see the whole picture accompanied by the skill to separate truth from the illusion. We can aquire the knowledge to keep what is good and recycle what is not needed  into to something which is useful. The Great Tree thrives upon the leaf it casts to the earth. Give birth to uplifting words to help raise the poor in knowledge to the same height as ourselves. Distribute what is needed to the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantities.

And in Knowledge

The knowledge of Justice. Sun, leaf

Knowledge enables us to see Justice. Justice is not the application of man made law, Justice (just is)

is the law of light, it is the truth in the present moment. Our own creations reflected back to us by life is just. Everything we are is out in the open for all to see. There is nothing hidden, nothing to hide behind. We are judged by our own light.  When we stand in the present tense, when we accept what just is we will become change itself.

And in the Knowledge of Justice

The love of it. Venus, flower

To see and love the perfect justice of life. to love our own planted seeds and results, Mental, emotional and physical. Love the opportunity to expand our consciousness using our life and harvest as a guide. Life is always on our side. Our questions are always answered. The whole supports the part. See the good in our life.

And in the love of it

The love of all existences. Mercury, fruit

All existences are part of the same unity, we are all dependant upon one another, there is only enlightenment for everyone or no one. the lowest level can only ascend if the top moves up or visa versa. There is no blame, no scapegoats and no exclusions. Just us and our reflection in the mirrow

of life, which is everything we see, feel and think about everything.

And in the love of all existences

The love of God and all goodness. Moon, seed

God is a scientific god not a moralistic god. We were born good, exist in good and are eternally good, everything that we call bad, we created.

There is no such thing as evil except that we created it as a projected image to provide us with a symbol of that part of ourselves which we cannot yet accept. We would fall into the path of those who are in error if we think that we can condemn that which we cannot accept about ourselves to a place called Hell. Which is where most of us live already, because we invented it.

The Devil is always where the devil makers are.

Good is eternal and that is all there is in reality. Everything else is an illusion. Yet through that illusion can we develop Strength, understanding, knowledge, love and so on.

© 2016 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas