A circle is always a completed thing, the whole thing. It represents unity and an absence of parts, there is no beginning or end. It is the Cosmos and the Universe.

A circle is composed of a central point and a circumference where all points are of equal distance from the centre. The circle also represents the great circle whose point is everywhere and its circumference is nowhere.

The cross is usually presented as being on three steps or a three tiered mound. The  steps are the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms with the fourth being the cross of the human kingdom.

It is a symbol of material existence and the body of man composed of four parts, Motion, life, sensation and intelligence. In the cross beam you have Love as the head, wisdom and will as the arms.

The circle and cross together is the relationship of light to matter, or 3 added to four to make 7.

This is the cross we are fixed on, it is inside us and we are inside it, We are in the circle and the circle is in us.


Lammas or Lughnasadh

Lammas or Lughnasadh is said to be a celebration of the first fruits. This represents the promise of food for the journey through winter, or the darkness of your mind. All the fruits of the universe are made up from 4 elements with a hidden part that give the fruit life and purpose. The Earth element is often symbolised by bread marked with a cross. It is the way of the world that this symbol is often interpreted only in relation to a material or historical past tense story.

First fruits symbolised by bread far preceded the adoption of it as a part of Holy Communion in the Christian church.

The Bread represents the experience of the good things in life, but was originally accompanied by salt. This represented the bitter experiences of life. Pleasure and pain, success and failure are integral parts of becoming a conscious human being. Bread without salt  represents an acceptance of the good and an avoidance of the bitter experiences of life..

The bread is food for the journey, but not just for the physical journey, it  represents a journey to greater awareness and understanding of how life works. It must include our feelings and thoughts about our experiences of life to make it whole(holy).

Lam -- mas can be given a much earlier meaning that is more abstract  than just a material history. A meaning that existed before language became corrupted by materialistic influences.

Jesus (Je Suis in french) was called the Lamb of God and was depicted in an earlier time as a lamb crucified on a cross. The word Lamb was originally a symbol for I AM on a cross.

Lugh or Llew is also a Sun of God

I am the creator of my harvest, the fourfold manifestation of my endeavours. I am the cause of all the effects in my life and until I accept this I will be in conflict with pain, failure and disease. This is the cross we are all fixed to.

Learning from our mistakes is a primary opportunity for change to happen, but in our search for short term comfort we learned to blame others for what we do not want to see or learn from.

Honour the first fruits as evidence of the promise to provide us with a harvest that is a reflection of who we are. The child becomes an adult destined to leave home on a journey seeking the present tense in a far off land. They are on their way home.


Ancient cross

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