Autumn Equinox Ceremony video 2018

Autumn equinox

Primrose Hill london,2021  


© 2020 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas

Autumn is a time to give thanks for the harvest, not just the material harvest but also what we have become during the year. What fruits of consciousness have we brought to the table and presented to the sorting house of the mind.

We predominantly live in a materialistic world where our decision making tends to focus on the material harvest. We seek to enjoy the good moments and protect ourselves from painful end results.

We often seek to modify the external material result and hide the internal cause, we put the cart in front of the horse. What would it be like if we placed the horse in front of the cart ? The results in our life are the product of our thinking and desires. The thought comes before and after the result, the seed expands to develop the harvest and then contracts back into a seed to be stored as memory.

We need to do a lot of growing up to become adults taking responsibility for what we have created. If we remain as children when we have grown up, then we will need parents to be responsible for us, and like children we will criticise how fair or unfair they are being. We will be stuck in time.

All children need to be fed, housed, educated in how life works and protected from predators until they can look after themselves. We have created external organisations to provide these for us, governments, landlords, the police,

The welfare state, religion, pension funds, the law and insurance policies for all eventualities.

We do not trust ourselves to look after ourselves, we need protection from the life that we have created. If our thoughts and desires created our world, then we are projecting our own fear of ourselves onto external sources that we feel should solve

it for us. In return our chosen organisations feel the need to act like parents because we act like children or visa versa. We look for external solutions to internal problems.

We generally do not know what to do with people who are physically ill, mentally or emotionally. We do not know how to deal with poverty and homelessness so we tend to hide them away in prisons, hospitals, old peoples homes and tower blocks. We hide our inability to deal with what we do not want to see and understand. Like children we are good at dressing up and pretending.

If we think we are not responsible for what happens to us, any accidents, good or bad luck can happen to us at any time, then uncertainty will be a dominant factor in our lives. We will feel the need to control these possible events. Control is similar to a state of post mental breakdown where we can be driven by the fear of losing control of our environment, our bodies, homes, jobs, and possibly lose control of our minds again.

So what does certainty look like. There are two fundamental states of movement in life called the past and the future, and one essential state of stillness called the present tense. The past always returns to the present and the present gives birth to the future. The present is a womb with an entrance and an exit. Right here now is the only real place that can give birth to certainty.

Memories of past events can dictate our responses to life or they can support us in the present tense. Projections of hopes and fears into the future are mostly distractions if they are sourced from the past tense. Having a destination but not knowing where we are NOW means we have no route to get there. Uncertainty will rule.

Adults are not afraid to look, see and understand, but for this to happen we need to be free, not from external consequences but from our own compulsive thought patterns that create our external events.

There is no evidence for the existence

of the present moment, yet it is the womb

of life and death that provides the promise that we will receive what we asked for. If we want peace, harmony and health we will have to call for it, and that asking will have to come from the present moment.

The promised land is not a place or a time and it never was, it is the gift of the eternal that we call out for. It is the life and the environment that we already live in. It is the product of our imagination.

We all know that a woman is necessary for material procreation. Yet many of us do not understand the present tense as an unseen infinite womb that is necessary for the creation of all new life, states of being

and the being of the state.

Standing in the present moment confront the unknown in a state of wonder rather than fear.

From the centre of your harvest look and see what you have created.  Detached from all advice, from experts of any sort, you must give up all thoughts from the past and look with not knowing eyes. How can you improve what you see? It must be inclusive of all others in your environment.

Then attend to the task that you have perceived. No task is too small that it cannot be made to grow in size. This is

the beginning of a thread that will lead you from the present to your future supported by your past. Follow it from task to task. It will act as a guide through the unknown.

If the horse is in front of the cart then this will make the journey easier and alleviate the need for a crises to keep you moving

in the right direction to becoming an adult human being.