We have come here today to celebrate the arrival of the harvest, the material fruits and also the fruit of our conscious endeavours. This includes the results from the whole of our life, our personal and business world, employment, customers, marketing and social media etc. It is about us and our need to be liked and have friends, control our popularity, and to develop as people.

Being liked

We want people to see the nice side of us,  so  the products we buy are packaged using the facing side to tell us what the manufacturer would like us to know, based upon what they think we would like to know. Any information that we may not like is on the back of the package in small print.

This follows the way we live, we want people to see what we want them to see, and any hidden motives that we have are in the back of our minds.

Our past is created by historians who would like us to see what they would like us to see. The history we are proud of is at the front, those things we are not proud of are hidden from view or conveniently not noticed. Our own personal history follows the same path.

Most advertising on the Internet  is managed by computers who assume that what we liked in the past is what we will like in the future. We are the only one’s who can think in the present tense.

We want be liked, loved, wanted, and we generally avoid rejection and not being wanted. If we have

a habit of being rejected it will be driven by an uncompleted response to having been rejected in the past. We create the world in our image.


Farmed Animals give up their freedom in the wild in return for a protected field, an

absense of predators and an easy food supply, in return they allow us to use them for our own gain. We could become farmed human animals, farmed for money in return for a safe passage through life. The health system could guarantee us a pain free death, in return for a percentage of our money.

Could the human race divide up into two races? where those who bother to find out about life through experience manage those who are content to accept the advice and protection of external authorities.

To state facts and laws gathered from external sources does not work, if it did, it would depend upon the nature and quality of our faith in what we hear other people say. This is a futile and ineffectual substitute for real growth, even if the facts are true. Reality is what we know or what we do not know,

illusion is what we think we know, according to what we have heard from someone else. There is education for the external world and education for the character of the internal person.

We  use  physical exercise to maintain the fitness of our body. The mind also needs to keep fit or it may lose the ability to think beyond how to be liked.


Today is our 300th Anniversary since our reformation in 1717.  Life has become very different to what is was then.

In the 18th century the Monarchy was not as popular as it is now, and the earlier  English civil war was eventually followed by the American war of Independence, and the French revolution. The Irish and the Scottish people also rebelled against the King. The Industrial revolution moved the peasants from the land to the cities to seek work in factories. Food and housing was scarce and crime was high. Prison colonies were created to deal with the upsurge in political and social crimes. Brutal solutions were used to control a volatile society.

History is said to be written by the victors and those who control the media. Political and social discontent manifested itself through wars, drama and crisis, between us and Scotland, Ireland, France, America, Spain, the middle east and Germany, and many others. All of these wars will have been provided with provable, acceptable and justifiable reasons for their causes.

A simple way to see the purpose of a past event or harvest, is to look at the difference between what life was like before the event and how life has changed as a consequence.

In 300 years the power of aristocracy over the peasants has become noticeably weaker, men and women who did not own land can vote, slavery  ended, women can work, social security and pensions came into existence, the NHS was created. The standard of housing for the working classes improved, the labour party became excepted, education is now for everyone. Once upon a time it was considered  bad practise to teach the working classes to read and write.

People fought, struggled and died for these improvements to happen. If the ruling classes had decided to implement these changes voluntarily then wars may not have been necessary. If the then leaders had seen the need for them to encourage and create a more diverse society, through power sharing and deciding to treat the lower classes with more consideration for their welfare, then much pain and struggle could have been avoided.

The Glory

When we come to assess our own harvest remember that the glory is among the shadows, there is no glory in being liked, it is easy to be seen to be a good person when you are surrounded by friends, fans, customers, and pleasant circumstances.

The test of our understanding and mental strength is how we respond to adversity and being confronted by  our enemies and unpleasant circumstances. This is the measure of our understanding. In the diversity of our reactions to risk, new ideas, and others who have different habits and customs, will we be able see beyond the personality to the character of the people we have to deal with? We could learn to understand the message that our harvest conveys and move forwards changing the way we respond, without the need to be pushed forwards in life by a crisis, a war, an illness or an accident etc.

We could consider the idea that absolutely nobody else outside of ourselves, has anything to do with our harvest, it is ours alone, we received what we asked for.  

The harvest is in the sowing, the end is in the beginning, the tree is in the seed, the answer is in the question and the result comes out of our thinking. Take the opportunity next time to change the question as the answer is a gift from life. Trying to adjust the answer until it becomes acceptable is

a long road with a dead end.

Enjoy your harvest, it is individually tailored for you.

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