(May 1),

Beltane is the old May Day and the modern May Bank Holiday, when the light is fast gathering pace, weaving new life and new forms in maypole colours and all of nature is alive with radiant beauty as the Queen of the May dances with Jack o’the Green. This spirit of harmoniously working together in groups is seen in International Worker’s Day or Labour Day. Taurus, fixed earth. .


A hunter armed with a huge club, fighting with an infuriated bull

Second Decanate of Taurus.

Fixity of purpose given analytical trend. Combat for supremacy Bull. material pleasures and physical limitations slain by Orion. Possible to rise over them supreme. Physical magnetism. Mental force. Struggle.


A hare running timidly away.

First Decanate of Taurus.

Too preoccupied with the aquisition of wealth yet afflicted by timidity, their greatest bar to advancement. Mediumistic, natural healing power, great imagination, some fixity of purpose. Determination.

Lepus and Orion are taken from Astrological decanates by C.C.Zain.

The Brotherhood of Light.

The path of the Sun through the zodiacal belt is reflected in the agricultural cycle on Earth. Each astrological sign is divided up into three decanates and together they each tell a story of the development of light into matter. These decanates of Taurus include Beltane.

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