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© 2016 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas

Life appears as a seed planted in the darkness and begins a journey from root to stem, bud, flower, and fruit returning back to where it started with a seed for the new generation. It moves from the unity of the seed to the diversity of its expression.

People are subject to the same principles of life, the individual grows up from a seed planted in the darkness to it’s expansion outwards into the world. There are two major forces in life called expansion and contraction, life and death, light and darkness and so on.

We would say that you must live whatever you

believe and interpret it in accordance with your own experience and conscience, being your own authority and bowing to no name or institution. Yet at the same time you must be capable of blending harmoniously into a group.

You are at this moment in time an individual standing in your own body. Your body is made up of groups, electrons, atoms, cells, organs, and so on. You will need to live in harmony with these groups. This relationship between you and your body sets the trend of your relationships to all other groups, family, national, racial, global and  universal. (more)