Spring is a doorway between two worlds. From darkness to light. The seeds wake up and begin their journey up the mountain towards the Sun. They are inspired to unfold life’s renewal process.

Inspiration drives the seed that is sown towards a future that is true. A seed that is driven by responses to a past that has not been completed will hold us back from the future.

We can cure the pain or disease, but the mental state in which we responded to

the pain or disease is carried on into our life.These experiences produce the seeds of causes for future events and we will not be released from our experience until they are completed.

We need to be protected from our own response to pain, disease or upset. Our prideful reactions to life upset us and we resent what or who we think is the cause of our pain or dislike, this leads to guilt when we see how far below our expected standards we have fallen. This feeling of guilt drives us back to the source of the pain or disease to experience it again

and again. Our future will be a repeat of our past experiences.

Most of us are not aware of how we create the need for future causes or that which causes us to experience a life that is a true reflection of who we are. In pain or in disease it is not the cure that is important, it is how we choose to relate to the pain. Pain and disease is not just a material experience, We can look at what life

brings us and blame life itself for creating what we think we see. We can blame our reflection in the mirror of life and out of dissatisfaction seek to alter it to our liking.

Everything we see is contained within the mind of the beholder and it is our viewpoint that needs to change, not the thing itself.

Up until now the emphasis has been on our responsibility for what we create and its completion to the best of our ability

for ourselves. Our highest form of service being towards becoming and expressing who we are.

But now, we have developed new possibilities of being. What kind of seeds will we give to the future and scatter for the benefit of others? How will we share the proceeds of our harvest with others? Now we will have to estimate the needs

of others, sow in the light of that need, harvest in time and care for the crop until the seed is suited to their needs

The Astrological decanates before and after the Spring Equinox


A southern constellation consisting of thirteen stars called Cassiope. Wife of Cepheus, mother of Andromeda. A Queen sitting on a throne clasping a braid of her hair.

3rd decanate of Pisces.

Eventful lives, wide variety of careers, unusually adaptable, likeable but need excitement and change. Best occupation psychic research.



A triangle with point upwards.

1st Decanate of Aries.

The divine fire can inspire leadership of thought. Pioneer spirit of Aries in its fiery fullness, Zeal, enthusiasm, seeks new worlds to conquer. Let the thoughts soar upwards to become the seeds of causes for better things. If the trend is downwards, they become like avenging angels of death and destruction.


Until now we have operated out of the balance of self interest and commitment, now these two have become one.

Self interest in the material world and commitment to the Spirit of all good.

We still live in a world where we have developed various death prevention strategies, Health and safety rules, insurance policies, materialistic sciences and religions that have lost contact

with life giving possibilities and replaced them with life saving activities. We have innocently or ignorantly decided to take on Death or the act of completion as something we do not like, a fight we can only lose. Some of us do not like commitment, persistence and completion.

Unfortunately this encourages most people and organisations to live life defensively protecting ourselves from that or those whom we have decided we do not like.

We have decided not to like loss of freedom, but we also want self preservation and the devil we know rather than the one we do not. What freedom are we afraid of losing?

Real Democracy begins with self rulership and comes with a tendency to create dictatorships or a majority and a minority. The founder of so called English democracy, Oliver Cromwell himself became a dictator,

In order to become real adults, and not children looking for parents. We need

to  control the dictatorship of our own personalities first, not just for our own personal needs but also for the needs of others. The individual and the group need to be unified with the spirit of all good. Unity gives birth to good health, wealth and harmony within ourselves.

Spring is also linked to Mother’s day

and this should include the Mother of all life. Spring is related to a commitment

to rise up, followed by the persistence to tread the path to fruition, ending with completion as the production of a new seed for the future. This everlasting provision for procreativity is supplied by the Mother of All forms of life. She supports, Commitment, persistence and completion.

These three can be seen by the unenlightened as three forms of death. In some languages "Mort" is interpreted as meaning death, it is the beginning of the word "Mother". We die into the present or womb and are birthed out of the present continually. There is no end or a beginning.

What kind of seeds will we sow for the future.? Will we sow with joy, transparency and diversity. Will we sow for ourselves and the spirit of all good.?

Spring Equinox Tower Hill London 2022


Astrological decanates of Pisces and Aries are taken from C.C. Zain. The Brotherhood of Llght. with some additions.