We have used the word course relative to the french word 'Le Coeur' meaning the heart. This word is related to the english word courage.

A course is the pathway of a seed planted within your heart and involves the courage to face up to the trials and tribulations sent to assist you in the task of becoming an expression of that seed.


Most people have a set of preconceived ideas based upon who they think they are, where they want to go and how they want to get there. They limit the space they live in to the limits of their own view of the Universe. This is also your protection until you grow up. The present tense is the only place that you learn in and through, the past and future do not exist. What we teach belongs to no time, race, religion or sex.

Druids do not pretend to all knowledge but they believe eyes were made for seeing and therefore refuse to accept the unknowable without first looking.  They find life full of closed doors but no locked ones - and open them to see what lies beyond. They don't waste effort on speculation when they can look and learn. Thus they discover that revelation is a continuing process of life, not an incident in history, a chapter in a book or a distant memory.  We do not usually encourage people to join our order by informing them of the benefits in the future. We do not see our role as that of assisting you towards a future based on the past, with the present tense missing.

It is not possible to imagine what you do not already know and as a consequence those things that you have forgotten will only be revealed when you look and see in the moment. Learning what you do not know is about pushing the boundaries outwards and inwards into areas that will change your viewpoint. We are like seeds that have a need to push against the limits of our space to gather the strength to grow up and bear fruit. Seeds can only start learning from where they already are.

The Subject matter of the courses is not very important; it is a gymnasium for your mind. How you use the information and store it in your memory is important.


We use meditation as a process to assist people to approach the present tense and view themselves from a higher place. while being detached from who you think you are. Meditation develops the ability to see in the dark as opposed to the physical eyes ability to see in the light. It is easier to find the light in the darkness. Life begins with the ability to stand still and out of this stillness comes movement. Meditation will take up half of the time of each course.

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Rituals are important if you want to learn how to think in symbols, rituals are a source of oral tradition that can only be accessed through the present moment. They are not about being a religion with idols based on altars or people on pedestals. They tell the story of how light descends into matter and back again. Ritual is the story of where you came from, where you are and where you are going to supported by the four elemental forces in nature. Rituals are educational in the real sense of the word and open the door between night and day in the same way meditation does.


In the process of teaching  We use material from many different religions, sciences and languages, we come from before the Celtic or Aryan races, we come from the World. We are not Pagans from the point of view of a position or a place and all religions inherit there material from the previous religion, except that they move the practise on to the next stage in the same way that leaves produce flowers.  We tend to use Celtic versions of symbolic stories but we also use  Christian, Greek, Hindu, Egyptian, Hebrew and other versions of similar stories.  We teach the true art (Arthur) of living in the sense that you make yourself by gradually becoming who you are.

Membership courses

Series one to four and series Q

These courses are available to those who become members of our group, they involve personal attendance only and they are not online courses. They are not separate courses and must be followed in the order of one to Q.

Non membership courses

We have an online course for non members called the  'The Word'