For those who want to be initiated into the Order, take up the study of the Ancient Science, and attend Druid Groves.

The Druid Order is an initiatory order, therefore candidates are initiated into the light, not the group. This is important because true initiation can only be into the light. The quality of the character is more important than any paper qualifications you may have.

Members are called Companions, not of each other but of the light. They are expected to support the light in each other, and seek the insight and understanding which will become necessary to achieve this level of relationship.

Open meetings are held in south London, public ceremonies are performed at the Spring Equinox, and Autumn Equinox. These meetings serve as an introduction to the Order for those who are interested. It is not our intention to convert anyone to our way of thinking and we will not go out of our way to persuade or invite anyone to join our Order. The choice will always be yours.


It is not necessary to give up your religion or following. What we teach does not belong to a particular time or place and can be used to improve your ability to act and understand yourself and others through whatever path you have chosen.

A person must be able to attend meetings of their own free will, without a need for external help or support. There is a charge for joining plus a yearly subscription charge . The Order is a non-profit making organisation and all money goes towards the upkeep of the Order and its activities.