The land is free,

but the people are not.

These three words used in different contexts have similar meanings in all three.

Root, Route and Truth.

Roots in the earth provide the stability that is necessary for the plant kingdom to rise up and express itself. Without the security of a root system uncertainty will effect the growth of the plant.

A Route gets us from here to where we want to get to. We need to know where we are before we can plan a route and we need to be certain that our route will get us there.

Truth is to the mentality what a root is to a plant and a route is to a pathway. We need to live out of the truth that gives birth to a certainty of conclusion.

We need the stability of an Earth, a home, and a heart to grow out from. Our heart is the home of our Soul and the heat source of our blood. Our lungs supply the air that feeds the fire. Stop breathing and the fire will go out. Our heart is to the body what the Sun is to our Solar system. It is the home of the fireplace. If we do not have a stable heart or a home we will struggle to live life.

The life of all people in the State has to be liberated from the needless struggle and uncertainty that is forced upon them. Security of the home is the foundation effort of all responsible people, facilitating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The first principle of the life of a home is to regard the individual as its root, and the State finds its root in the home. Without the individual the home does not exist and without the home there is no State.

Life must be recognised as a sacred thing, and the initiative of the individual is the expression of that life. This life must be guarded against all that opposes its growth and use, otherwise the life of the individual is made to have no effect through the destruction of its powers of expression.

The home is made sacred by the life that it shelters. The home must be raised above the power of all invasive authority, so that no human being is refused the opportunity to work and achieve the economic security that is essential to the enjoyment of social happiness.

The financial system, homelessness and crime are associated with each other. The good business is always well stocked with what it requires, but the trend of the economic system is to create a scarcity in order to maintain the highest financial value and domination. An abundance of money has become regarded as being of greater value than everything that is purchased by it.

The profit system charges for the thing and then the use of the thing. Money is a medium of exchange but it has  become a value by itself. Therefore the quality of living is not as important as the value of money. The people with the least amount of money are the least important, and in the case of the homeless almost not human.

The law is established on justice and truth, everything that is opposed to justice and truth is opposed to the law. By law we mean that equity and the balanced conclusion or harvest will never depart from justice and truth. This law is rooted in the certainty of its expression and is non discriminatory in all of its activities.

Where the law and its results produce uncertainty, it can truly be said that having departed from the certainty of conclusion the law is no law at all.

This law that is no law is directed against the people in order to maintain the domination of the many by the few through the systems that are based on that which is not true. It creates anxiety, disease, the threat of homelessness, poverty and crime etc. These conditions, while being viewed as being undesirable, have never been solved or cured. The system of home use and ownership along with its dependance upon economic profit is the main cause of what the government claims to be trying to solve.

The struggle to live is intensified by the expansions of an authority that is useless, dangerous and expensive. This authority is magnified by its own pretensions, leading to a tyrannical authority that is opposed to justice and truth. The liberty of the individual is restricted so that the power of licensed officialism may be continued. Officialism is a symbol of slavery and not freedom. The cause of anxiety and uncertainty is the continued effort to enslave public thinking and activity through the expansion of centralised government, a limitation of freedom, restricted individual initiative and increased taxation.

We must remember that our personality is also the government over our body. The cells in our body are the people in our land. Our personality is to our body what the government is to the State. Our own personality can be led by the truth or become tyrannical, using our body as a slave to provide false security and comfort. We get the government we deserve, because we are them and they are us.

The laws governing land and home ownership  need to be changed so that they support individual initiative that in turn supports the State. Centralised government needs to be reduced and become more community based to better support individual initiative and the quality of life.

The group supports the individual and the individual supports the group.Then the land, the people and the state will be free.

Autumn Equinox,

Primrose Hill 2023.


© 2023 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas