Various ancient civilisations were aware that the brain centred personality would expand and lose contact with their soul purpose. As a consequence they left behind stories to assist people to remember. They placed these stories in the night sky as a guide to follow on a pathway. These stories are not material history. The Earth is a reflection of Heaven in the same way as the body is a reflection of the mind. Mythological stories are meant to be interpreted in the Heavens and applied on the Earth.

In the West they divided the sky up into 12 zodiacal signs, each with 30 degrees. These were then divided into 3 sections of 10 degrees. This created 36 star constellations.

Jesus the Sun of God in his journey through the zodiacal belt, is accompanied by the twelve zodiacal signs plus 36 decanates, plus our own solar system. This equals 49 constellations. It is this group of constellations that accompanied Jesus to the alleged feeding of the 5000. He provided 5 loaves and two fishes (The seven planets) from twelve baskets, (The12 zodiacal signs). This is the mystic repast or holy commun ion for Christians. This point in the sky we call Summer Solstice or high noon

Jesus is not king of the starry realms until he has been crucified, anointed and resurrected.

The agricultural cycle of the Sun through the zodiacal belt is a reflection of the Heavenly cycle. It is Heaven on Earth. The astrological and the agricultural cycles work together. This is the purpose of life linked to the ways and means of production, or the intention linked to the results.

The Crowning of a King or Queen is a ritual enactment of the stories of Jesus, Arthur, Taliesin, Rama and many others. More import antly it is our story. The candidate for crowning is the chosen king or Queen. We in our Solstice ritual crown a chosen Presider. We are all candidates for initiation.


The Hebrew word for God is Jehovah, in Latin it is IHVH, In everyday English it is I-HAVE. The action of having, is the ability to be present to what you have to do. Having is a function and has nothing to do with position or material wealth. We have things to do today and tomorrow and so on into infinity. Having causes things to exist, it begins by having the willing ness to allow something to exist, to recognise and become aware of what comes to us to do. Out of allowing things to become what they are, comes the action of owning, creating and becoming a resource. Our consciousness grows internally as we allow others around us to expand.

When the petty personality takes control gossip, moaning and criticism about having and not having becomes a prevalent attitude. The people involved have lost the ability to have what they have been sent to do. If we cannot accept something or have what we want we respond by attacking it or making fun of it to make it smaller. We become fearful of that which we cannot accept. This feeds into a world of dishonesty, manipulation, mistrust, unconsciousness and a resistance to life.

Corruption begins when we think that having can be bought with money. Having is about self empowerment through what you have to do.

It is not about having people empower you. Having comes from inside of ourselves.

We cannot buy or be given power.

The actual job at hand is to make the world that we live in work;  it is not to get educated, manage something, pass exams or handle events so that we can have more possessions.  We must work within the context of the wholeness of everything.

Miracles can occur if we are willing to accept and deal with what gets sent to us. The linking of the finite to the infinite allows for the expansion of our consciousness. Having is only intentional if it is plugged into the present.

A Summer Solstice crowning



All life forms are candidates for crowning in their world. All people whether they are aware of it or not are candidates for the reunification of Heaven and Earth or creating unity between the intention and the result. We are all personalities endeavouring to find a link between the purpose and the means of production.

The star constellations, accompany Jesus to a deserted spot in the starry Heavens.  According to the story of the feeding of the 5000, the people do not bring any food. The stars provide the food to feed the people. This in reality is the feeding of their consciousness through a continuity of tasks at hand. This means that everything you need is always here now.

Spinal columns

Our body has a spinal column with a Moon or a Pineal gland at the top. The Earth has a spinal column that points to the Polestar which is also a Moon or a Pineal gland for the Universe. We call this the guide who sits between two columns.

Being a King/Queen or Moon is a function of having that creates the initiatory path. Out of having comes the circle of continuity or equality. If having becomes a position the circle will be broken and all living things will not be equal in honour.

All tasks are for the spirit of the Universe regardless of their size and importance. As a new Sun we can link these two spinal columns together.

The actions of being a King or Queen involves giving up who we think we are and devoting ourselves to the good of the whole. Then we will become a ruler over ourselves and a King or Queen in our own land.

After any crowning there will be a symbolic re-enactment of communion or ritual feeding of the 5000 as a celebration of the Unity that is to come. Unity between people can only happen through a mind that has given itself up to become a vehicle for unity between Heaven and Earth and this includes our head and body.

Long live the th-inking

Some of the basic ritual elements

from the crowning of a King

or Queen in the United kingdom.

A Christian version of a ceremony

that has a past that long

predates the Christian period

The Wand of

Heaven or Infinity

The Wand of

Earth or the finite

The Crown or symbol of the Polestar constellations

The Orb of Earth

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