On the left is an image of  the Greek god Apollo with his twin sister Artemis carrying bows with arrows. Apollo represents the light of the Sun in the day and Artemis represents the light reflected by the moon in the darkness. Artemis is related to the roman goddess Diana and the irish goddess Dana they are virginal like the present tense, their arrows are shafts of light in the day and the night.  They can be poisonous or health giving. depending upon how you interpret what you think you see. If you interpret what you see into resentment, jealousy and revenge then these states of habitual thought will poison you and become the primary cause of your death. If you see the truth through your detached viewpoint and act with vision then you will be healthy or healed by your own reflection. the choice is yours. Desire and vitality work together, in the daytime you can come under the sway of the material world and want what you can see. The work to get what you can see wears you down, at night you are revitalised for a new day. Vitality is born before desire.

In the Greek myth Apollo and Artemis are twins with Artemis being born first. The light in the darkness is older than the light of the day in the same way that the seed in the soil comes before plant is born out into the daylight. The seed in the soil is a reflection of the moon in the darkness, it is consciousness at night, or seeing in darkness, The light of day gives you access to a finite view of life and the light of darkness gives you access to infinity. The one hunts in the day to facilitate the material needs and Artemis hunts at night in the wilderness of the mind to develop the awareness of a bigger picture. They represent  the forces of expansion and contraction or diversity and unity.

Series 2 is about the group, cells, atoms, memories, people, nations and your physical body etc. The world is built up of groups on an ever ascending scale, from the atom through the cell to man. It takes a group of individual units on one level to form the unit on the next level above, and the stage we are at now requires a group of human beings to achieve the next level.

This then is the task for the next step; you must live whatever you believe and you must interpret it in accordance with your own experience and conscience, being your own authority and bowing to no name nor institution.  At the same time, you must become capable of blending harmoniously into the group. Disharmony poisons the body or group, harmony spreads health.

Series 2:  12 sections

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