Series 4: 16 sections

In this series we will be dealing briefly with the various parts of man and the spheres in which these parts have their origin and also the field of their activities. This will require a constantly changing viewpoint with its attendant patterns of manifestation. Imagine the student of the nervous system scorning the charts of those working with the skeleton, blood circulation, or endocrine glands; and thinking of them as being erroneous just  because they differ from their own. Which they know to be right! This type of error is common in all of the religious, scientific, mystical and occult fields of endeavour. If you can create common ground between different viewpoints then you may catch glimpses of the spirit moving through man with purpose, then you can study the purpose and the method.

The material world based on four elements relates to to a triangle based on three. This is  a Pyramid, an earth mound or a church, 3 on a base of 4. They all follow the same pattern but their appearance can be very different. They all symbolise the journey from birth to death and back again. People follow the same pattern.


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