Druids are concerned with whole truths not half truths. They do not pretend to all knowledge but they believe eyes were made for seeing and therefore refuse to accept unknowables without first looking.  They find the house of life full of closed doors but no locked ones - and open them to see what lies beyond. They don’t waste effort on speculation when they can look and learn, for through each and all streams revealing light.  Thus they discover that revelation is a continuing process of life, not an incident in history.

They find the universe to be a bible written by the hand of nature - an autobiography - with many chapters still incomplete, some hardly begun. So far as it can be read, it speaks of no life but one, and it declares that from the beginning life has been given that we might have it more abundantly.

The purpose of this bible is to teach us the process by which we may become Gods in our own right, even as the acorn becomes an oak.


Our concern is with the evolution of humanity in harmony with the universe. We aim to understand universal processes and their manifestation in all spheres of activity, applying these processes creatively in unfolding the potential of humanity as radiant light centres.


We teach through open meetings, ceremonies, membership courses, meditation and ritual. This teaching is developmental rather than theoretical in nature, encouraging individual responsibility and independence from external stimulus.


Meditation is a technique which enables the mind, feelings and body to be observed; a technique by which consciousness is raised to the level of detachment from feelings and thought. Each time you meditate you are creating the ability to observe your thoughts, and thus act out of the present tense.


Some of the oral tradition is passed on through a system of ritualised stories - live the book rather than read the book. We use the ritual space as a laboratory to study the doctrines of light and life on both a subjective and objective level.


The initiate will be assisted on their journey following the path of the Sun through the grades of Ovate, Bard and Druid. These we relate to the three stages of conscious development, 0-7 years, 7-14, 14-21 and the fourth stage, becoming an adult. Memories of past events can dictate our responses to life, or they can be a support to us in the present moment. These three stages are a map which enables us to see our past for what it is, and standing in the present moment, confront the unknown in a state of wonder rather than fear.

What we do not support

Forms of activity which by-pass the will of the individual are not encouraged - such as hypnosis, unconscious mediumship, possession by spirits, the taking of drugs, the oppressive use of power, and  posing as being advanced or special. We do not support separatism, e.g. racism, sectarianism, or the selfish development of the ego.


The Order is a non profit-making organisation which endeavours to keep the cost of membership to a level which does not exclude anyone on financial grounds alone. All money received through annual subscriptions and meetings is utilised for the upkeep of the Order, while most of the work in connection with it is done voluntarily.

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