Series 1: 12 sections

This course develops our understanding of the link between the journey of the Sun through the zodiacal belt and its relationship with your path through life using Greek, Hindu and Christian symbolism. The course begins with learning how to meditate.

This is the great spinal column in the Heavens. It begins to teach us how to use the mind to interpret source into form, purpose into action and thoughts into speech. The mythologies of Ancient Britain, Ancient Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt and India etc tell the same story of the Sun's passage through the sky.

The figure on the the left is the Roman God Mercury,  but the symbolism also includes The Greek God Hermes and the Celtic Merlin among many others. He has wings on his feet and wings on his head, he is the swift messenger and represents a solar radiation, from the Sun to the Earth via the moon. The two wings on his head are the two frontal lobes of the brain either side of the pitiutary gland in the forehead. Merlin is said to live in a cave in a high place overlooking the sea.

The bag in his left hand contains your personality,  everything that you have allowed yourself to be, a bundle of thoughts and feelings and attributes, your character, your memory. These are your possessions. Merlin represents the ability to view your personality from a detchached viewpoint, from the present tense, from a higher place. In his right hand is a symbol of a spinal column with two snakes representing the right and left sympathic nervous systems, surmounted with two wings that symbolise the two frontal lobes of the brain. This is your path to experience through life from the earth up into the heavens. It is the pathway of light that enables you to travel out on a quest. The bag in his left hand is for the storage of the memories based on these experiences. The right hand is active and the left hand is passive, the light goes out from the source and returns through the left as the storage of memories. The journey is from light to matter and back again,  from action to memory. From right to left is the illusionary path of the Sun, where the sun appears to move clockwise. Merlin represents the true path of left to right or anticlockwise as it is the Earth that moves. Mercury,  the pitruitary gland is the conductor of the orchestra of the endocrine glands in the body. The magician who stimulates imagination.

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