“To be or not to be?” That is the question?  Winter solstice is a meeting place between

the past and the future, to get to this place we need to complete all journey’s so that we are not obligated to the past, and not yet committed to the future. We are in between eternity past and eternity future. The old Sun has died and we await the new Sun (Son) to rise.

We are in the present (Virgin Mary) between the two forces of contraction and expansion, night and day, rest and action. We are a mind in the present moment between Spirit and matter.

We need to be in the present for ourselves and those whom we meet so that the giving and receiving of gifts becomes an extension

of us being in the present. The two sides

of our brain are in unity and the end of the year completes the process of making a seed for the future (An Egyptian mummy is a symbol for a seed or dead Sun) It is the turning point between night and day.

Light descended into sound, and then to form, eventually appearing as a material form. Originally hieroglyphic language was an expression of the light. Letters were in a state of constant movement, there were no vowels, spaces or fixed words, each letter contained the future, present and past of itself, each letter was a unified seed. Light as a food supply descended into sound and eventually appeared in the spoken words that today we call language. These words were used to describe the journey from unity to a diversity

of form, from the seed to the manifestation of its potential. To the original creators of language it was their expression of what we now call physics. It is the journey from the new sun to the old sun and back again eternally. The alpha-bet or the journey from A to Being.

The first letter in a word construct is the seed or future potential to be unfolded. The centre of the word represents the present tense, the purpose of the journey. The end letters of the word represent the completion and destination of the task, the recycling of the material used and the experience of the journey is stored as memory in the new seed. This will enable

the future year to be full of promise and  abundance.

We could use a welsh mythological name as an example. TALI - ES - IN. The fruit of the brow. TALI is the future IS is the present and IN is the past. The future is Tally ho or to tally up, a summing up. consciousness is invested in the head, It is the high point of Summer Solstice. Winter Solstice is the lowest point, a giving up of everything in return for a promised renewal.


Winter Solstice

The Festival at the Fork in the road.

Words are alive and travel from here to there like ships sailing between port and starboard and back again. Words represent a whole year or a whole person in one small moving space. If the past is not complete the end of the word cannot support the future seed, this will render the word as unable to procreate

or leave port. If something is incomplete then something is missing. The past demands completion as the price for life renewal, Death is the price for life and sleep/rest is the price for being awake. Listening is the price for transforming words into understanding. Empty is as important as being full.

Being held back or stuck in life is a mental state of impotency or inability to change.

This is relative to our own self righteous indignation at being asked give up everything as the price for entering the promised land. The way we use our words and the words of others will be a reflection of who we think we are. This will be the real cause of our disharmony with life and eventual cause of our so called death.

The present is between the right and left side of the brain, between our mind as a womb between two worlds. Winter Solstice does

not exist at one point in time only, it exists between all principle opposites relative to their life cycle. A ship is the present tense continuously sailing between port and starboard. It is the fulcrum of the scales,

the point between too light and too heavy.

In the cycle of the Sun through the year, winter solstice and summer solstice are the two meeting places and the two equinoxes are the doorways. This makes four points. two wombs (night and Day) with two doorways

The one light(present tense) leads us back to the three (past, present and future) and the four(the production of forms)  A Pyramid or mound is one point and then three based on four. Light into matter or matter into light.

At Winter solstice the burning of grudges is a traditional way of acknowledging how we used people in our year.  Who did we use as an excuse to avoid having to take responsibility for something? Who did we blame or use as a justification for any actions that pride and guilt directed us to hide, or be unaware of? Which people did we use as a scapegoat to hide our own failings?

Write these grudges down on a piece of paper and burn them on a fire. These grudges hold us back from focusing on our potential. Remember that completion is not in the result, it is in the joy of receiving and sharing for the benefit of the whole.

To be being or not to be being?

© 2016 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas

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