Winter Solstice is between no commitment to the past or the future. It is an egg inside a womb.

Life is made up of wombs and the two main wombs inside our body are the lower Womb for birthing physical children and the upper womb that gives birth to words as the children of thoughts. The infinite womb of the Universe provides the material for all forms from Solar systems to atoms, electrons and all of the elements and more that make up the periodic table.

To move from one year to another we need to be reborn, moving from the old world of material pleasure to supporting the all enduring vibration of wholeness. Another word for spirit is vibration. This movement from here to there only happens through the light in the darkness, and without this point of conception there will be no future. There will be pretending to live, while being forced to change through various crises.

The two principle opposites that combine

to make change or movement happen are constantly changing their state of balance. When I was born and I became me, my five senses made me aware of what was not me, this created me and my reflection.

Love creates its opposite of hate, having and not having, good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, top and bottom, intelligent and stupid, men and women and so on. Day and night are balanced by where the Sun Is, they are both necessary and that is also true of my vibration and its reflection in the mirror of life.

The present tense is change itself and the Sun is for ever dying into the egg in the womb.

We are born from the womb into a world of reflections that we have to work with, even though they are illusions.

The two ends of a stick have to accept each other to realise that they are one stick, it is an illusion to believe that we can force, control

or kill the end we have decided not to like.

We can divide and continue to divide the stick, but it will still be one stick. Until we destroy ourselves and the existence of the stick altogether.

Our tendency to get stuck on the path of pleasure leads us down the path of blaming those who upset our balance. We try to solve this dilemma through control, banishment or elimination. The stick of control has out of control at the other end. We cannot have one without the other.

According to the physical act of procreation millions of sperm are released from the man and head towards the egg in the womb, all of them die and one is chosen to die by the egg. None of these sperms have a choice or a vote. There are no deals, it is death for life or life for death.

Winter Solstice 2021

A virgin rebirth of the Sun

© 2016 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas

The Spirit of the child through the egg makes the choice about when, where and how or whether to accept the sperm or not, This is controlled by the spirit vibration of the child that is to come, or if it  is in the mind, the source of the illumination that is to come.

The word G-OVE-RN-MENT has ovulate with mental at the end. Government is dependant upon ovulation to produce change.

The thoughts of the personality die into the egg in the upper womb(mind) and the personality becomes the recipient of a new inspiration. The Pineal and Pituitary glands  are also involved with ovulation in the material womb.

The UK Parliament generates its power through an opposition, one claims to represent the working man and the other investment man and they are always trying to find the point of balance. It needs a fertilised point

of conception as a link to inspire any A to B movement, please note that the word

M-OVE-MENT is also a description of universalised mental ovulation.

The Monarch represents the egg. The egg in the womb and the pineal gland in the brain serve as links between the finite and infinite, The pituitary is the point of balance.

The Monarch is the reigning(reigniting) link

to the Pole star and wears the crown of the North Pole star constellations on their head. They operate as a link and a guide to the development of the soul or the changing consciousness of all of their subjects.

The Monarch is the link between light and darkness ruling through the Government or the mind.

We are through our minds both the Monarch and the government of ourselves powered

by an opposition between who we think we

are and our reflection in the mirror of life.

All external governments are a reflection of who we think we are and how we respond to our own reflections.

The Monarch is now just a pretend Monarch who holds a constitutional position called King or Queen, the link with infinity is in recession along with the ability to effect change. There is only moving the furniture around to mimic change. The womb(mind) of the universe has been misrepresented and the entrance and exit from the present tense has been hidden. The mind or link with unity is being led to believe that there is only the birth and death

of the material world. Unity has been replaced by fear driven control, and our finite personalities seek to rule the world.

We have forgotten where we have come from, where we are, and where we are going to. Without realising it we are busy creating mass dementia. Winter Solstice is a time to relight or reignite the light, but we must honor and give up the old first.

Leave behind the illusions of matter, give up everything you have, leave the world behind and follow the Star.

In Ancient Egypt the god OSIRUS is the dying Sun and the goddess ISIS lifts up her Sun to be reborn, In the Christian Bible story JESUS lifts up LAZARUS from his bed and says rise up and follow me.

It is interesting to note that ISIS is presented in a feminine form and JESUS in a masculine form. A different interpretation of the same word and story.  

We die into the womb of winter or the present tense to facilitate the rebirth of a new Sun. Death is the price for life. Listening is the price for understanding. Sleep is the price for being  reawakened.

Sagitta is in full flight towards a target and Cygnus is in swift flight outwards. One is the light dying into darkness and the other        is light rising out of darkness.

Different cultures around the world have celebrations around this time of the year, and there are similarities between all of them. It is apparent that there is one true religion (meaning to relight the light of the spirit), and there is one movement with different sequential stages of development.

Most of these stages are in a state of conflict with each other as to who is the best, the original, the one and only etc. Sequential stages are destined to become unified. These stages need to be organised and managed to acheive fruition.

So called religious, educational, political and corporate organisations  have become stuck in the crystallisation of matter, stuck in their part of the sequence.                 

Representing  themselves is the only process that can facilitate change.


3rd decanate of Sagittarius.

An arrow in full flight.       

A soul piercing the illusions

of matter, choose the path

of pleasure or the Throne of Spirit.

Best activity, teachers and leaders of philosophical or religious thought.



1st decanate of Capricorn.

A swan flying swiftly southwards; leaving the crystallisation of matter, seeking the spring of the spirit.

System, organisation, business, politics, conciliating, mergers, co-ordination.

Managers, Organization.


Sagitta and Cygnus are taken from Astrological decanates by C.C.Zain.

The Brotherhood of Light.

With additional notes added