Spring Equinox 2015
Spring Equinox- 2016

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The Spring Equinox is the action of getting up

or growing up, It is Equal day and night when the equinox becomes a doorway to a new world. The minus sign of the horizon turns into a plus sign as the Sun rises at right ang- les to the horizon making a cross.

There is in man a seed that grows and in due season transforms his earth into a heaven of glorious hues. This seed is planted in your heart at birth and leaves at death. We call it

a seed atom.

An atom according to historians was first noticed by the Greek philosopher Democritus in about 400 BC. Atoms he declared were the fundamental basis of chemistry and matter. The Greek word Atom-us means indivisible. An Atom is the first point where matter becomes recognisable as an elemental form, atoms then combine to form molecules, eventually appearing as visible forms. Neutrons and protons form the nucleus

of an Atom accompanied by electrons spinning around the nucleus. Electrons and protons are attracted together by a positive and negative electrical charge.

On a larger scale this seed atom is a Solar system. An atom is a form that contains within it the pattern for the whole Universe. This seed is the container of the plan that builds your body as a Solar system.

At Easter the Christian story celebrates the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The seed dies into the earth, grows up and produces fruit, the old plants dies into the ground and the new seed resurrects itself. This story is happening all the time continuously, it is called life and death.

The seed in your heart is like an acorn that contains within it a mighty oak tree, contain- ing all of  the major events of your life. This seed comes with the purpose of growing a consciousness to become a radiant healthy human being

This purpose is contained within the Easter story of a man carrying a cross up to the top of a hill. This cross of matter with its four points of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, or in Christianity the four heads of an eagle, lion, bull, and a human. The manifestation of Mankind on the material plane begins with the creation of the mineral  kingdom followed by the vegetable, animal and human king- doms and onwards. The soul seed is the vehicle that the spirit or vibration has chosen to gain a foothold on the earth.

The seed that is planted has to climb a hill towards the rising Sun, from the conscious- ness of a mineral to that of a vegetable, animal and human being and eventually to one able to create unity and harmony in a world of diversity. Carrying the cross up a

hill is to expand or lift up your conscious awareness to the top the hill where the human being can rise as a radiant Sun.

The story is not historical, it is everybody’s eternal story. It has now become an express- ion of fear, superstition, mistrust,  greed and the expectation that somebody external will come to save you from yourself.

There is a reason why the four elements were symbolised by 3 animals and a human headed fourth. The lower three stages of mineral, vegetable and animal reached a pinnacle but needed to move on up the mountain towards becoming a human being. Humanity as a group is stuck in between animalism and being human. This is the same as the stages of growth from an infant to a juvenile, teenager and adult, we are stuck in between being a child and an adult. We are stuck halfway up the hill carrying a cross. This is the place in the story where Jesus stumbled. A man stepped forward from the crowd and helped to carry the cross. This stumble is about trying to control the animal part of ourselves and becoming human beings. This story was not originally written in time or space, it is not about historical events.

We must look forwards in the direction we are travelling, looking backwards will create a conflict between where we are and where we want to get to. We will receive help if we look upwards, if we look backwards there will be many stumbles.

Love life for what it is, for no reason, with no dependance on rewards or punishments. Do not use others to gain an advantage. Do the best you can because thats what you do and

do it so it benefits everyone regardless of how small your part is. You can wash the dishes for the world.

The group births an individual onto the level above it. The individual then lifts the group up onto the new level. The group that creat- ed the individual disintegrates and reforms on the new level and following the pattern creates an individual on the next level. This is like climbing a ladder. The one foot on the next rung lifts up the whole body to the new rung. The body no longer exists on the previous rung. This process is repeated until you get to the top where you will meet the bottom of another ladder.

If the group rejects the fruit or individual that

it has created then the group will die and it will attempt to hold back the future. There will be no foothold on the next rung.

Becoming is the pathway to learning, if the end result or a certificate is the end then it becomes the material path to earning. Education is not about certificates or exams, it is about becoming who you are through what you are doing.

Do you act like the Solar force that the planets respond to? Do you ask questions, do you seek, look and see? Do you initiate action ?  

Or are you at the effect of the central force, at the effect of external organisations? Do you create love or are you obsessed with being loved ?  Then Spring is here to help you to grow up!

May we give thanks for the spiritual harvest that is to come, when all are to made free from the sorrow and pain of the selfish life.

Pisces Cassiopea

A southern constellation consisting of 13 stars called Cassiope. Wife of Cepheus, mother of Andromeda, Queen sitting on a throne clasping a braid of her hair.

3rd decanate of Pisces

Eventful lives, wide variety of careers, unusually adaptable, likeable but need excitement and change. Best occupation psychic research. Vicissitudes



A triangle point upward.

1st Decanate of Aries

The divine fire can inspire leadership in thought. The pioneer spirit of Aries in its fiery fullness. Zeal, enthusiasm. seeks new worlds to conquer. Let the thoughts soar upwards untrammelled, become the harbinger of better things. If the trend is downwards they become like avenging agents of death and destruction. Activity.





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