Series 3: 12 sections

This series is an interpretation of the so called Christian Revelation of St John the Divine and his apparent messages to the seven churches in Asia. These messages are then interpreted and restored to their original purpose by following the spinal column pathway of your body from the base to the top.  

You could eventually grasp the real significance of such terms as the mind - born self, The winged feet, the frontal lobes of the brain can be used for flights of fancy that will set you wandering in the wilderness of the mind, or they can be used to pursue the path of penetration in the mental sphere  –  the choice is yours.  The revelation is in symbols,

it is a preliminary requirement that the pupil gain sufficient understanding to interpret the symbols else will there be no revelation. The diagram on the left represents the spinal column or pathway through the body, the straight and narrow path. In India it is called the Sushumna with the positive and negative poles of the Ida and Pingala, the central nervous system and the left and right sympathetic nervous systems.

This pathway exists in all religions and its Chakras, Churches and its attendant endocrine glands are symbolised in different ways, Through The use of Astrological signs, the days of the week, with the appropriate forces represented as planets, gods, goddesses, apostles etc.

This pathway exists in Christianity, Hindu, Inca, Aztec, Celtic, Norse and many others. The colours are based on a standard pigmentary colour wheel.

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