Sagitta and Cygnus are taken from Astrological decanates by C.C.Zain.

The Brotherhood of Light.

With additional notes added

Sagitta is in full flight towards a target and Cygnus is in swift flight outwards. One is the light dying into darkness and the other is light coming out of darkness.

The Chinese new year is the first new moon of the year, it is usually somewhere between Winter Solstice and Imbolc. Across the world there are similarities between all these events. It is apparent that there is one true religion (meaning to relight the light of the spirit), there is one movement with different sequential stages of development, unfortunately at the moment most are in a state of conflict with each other, but destined to become unified.

So called religious, educational, political, constitutional and corporate organisations have become stuck in the crystallisation of matter (stuck in an imagined past and future ) and they have cut themselves off from the only place that can facilitate change. (the Present tense)

The Winter Solstice (December 21/22) is the longest night and the shortest day. Three days later, the rising sun can be seen to move northwards again from its most southerly rising point in the south-east. This is Christmas,

when the Christ child is born from the Virgin Mother and the light returns. This sacred point of new beginnings in the heart of darkness is now often overwhelmed by the commercial festival and cult of the Christmas present, where the gift of the present tense, with all its virginal potential, is manifested and celebrated purely as material gifts.

A time of going back home, the return from whence you came, to the origin itself, the reunion with the family that gave you birth, a time of sharing the present while remembering and honouring the past (old year) and preparing for the future (new year). Yule, child, seed or atom wrapped in its swaddling clothes. Capricorn, cardinal earth.


3rd decanate of Sagittarius.

An arrow in full flight.  A soul piercing the illusions of matter, choose the path of pleasure or the Throne of Spirit.

Best activity, teachers and leaders of philosophical or religious thought.


Winter Solstice


1st decanate of Capricorn.

A swan flying swiftly southwards; leaving the crystallisation of matter, seeking the spring of the spirit.

System, organisation, business, politics, conciliating, mergers, co-ordination.




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Leave behind the illusions of matter, give up everything you have, leave the world behind and follow the Star.

In Ancient Egypt the god OSIRUS is the dead Sun and the goddess ISIS lifts up her Sun to rise again, In the Christian Bible story JESUS lifts up LAZARUS from his bed and says rise up and follow me.

It is interesting to note that ISIS is presented in a feminine form and JESUS in a masculine form. The same word but a different interpretation of the same story.

The later translators have chosen the path of pleasure in preference to the Throne of Spirit.

We die into the womb of winter or the present tense to facilitate the rebirth of a new Sun. Death is the price for life. Out of listening comes understanding. The sperm gives up everything to be given life in return. There is no democracy involved in procreation, the Spirit through the egg in the womb does the choosing.

The same process can be applied to the birth of the universe, the birth of a child, the birth of an illumination, or the birth of an atom. The life that you have brought forth in response to your own choices also follows the same pattern