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Open Meetings

These meetings are informal and are based around a talk with a meditation. Each meeting provides an opportunity for those who are interested in the Order, to ask questions about the Order and druidism.


23 Thornsett Road

London SE20 7XB

Nearest train station:

Norwood junction


Birkbeck (train & Tram)


7.30 pm - 10 pm  £5

Dates: 2019:

September 12th / 26th.

October 10th / 24th

November 7th / 21st

December 5th / 19th

Lammas (August 1st)

First fruits, first loaf from the first harvest, where the initial results of endeavours can be seen. The announcement of the harvest. Time of holidays, relaxation, enjoyment, reaping rewards. Leo, fixed fire. This then leads into the full harvest at the Autumn Equinox and the cycle begins anew.

Autumn Equinox

This is the start of the Druid year, when day and night are equal. The harvest festival, when the power of heaven is infused into the fruits of the earth, and you reap what you have sowed. You see the full reality, what you made of your dreams, projects and plans, the actual reality, the truth that gives understanding and wisdom. The start of the academic year, of inner work, of assimilation and unbiased reflection that will later be the proper basis for the choosing and sowing of seeds. The auto-tombing process of autumn, judgement day, Libra, sign of balance, cardinal air.